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"Build Wealth Through Health"
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The Med-I-Well Method
The method is simple. A team of specialized health professionals who collaborate with companies in an effort to develop a healthier more productive workforce. Med-I-Well provides customers with top-performing programs and services designed by industry experts. These are the most advanced in the wellness and medical industry. This is due to Med-I-Well's commitment to innovation and investment in the latest technologies and scientific research.

Drug Plan Optimization

What if we told you that we could save you money while ensuring your employees are still able to receive the medication that they need? Through the analysis of drug data and medication utilization, combined with employee empowerment and education, Med-I-Well can optimize your drug plan and reduce your spending.
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Workplace Wellness

Imagine a workplace that thrives within its industry, and its employees thrive within itself. A place where fewer sick days are taken and worker satisfaction and retention are sky high. Adaptive to corporate and industrial settings, the Wellness Team can help improve employee health and drive a more productive workforce.
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Listen in to see how Med-I-Well delivers their tailored drug benefit management program that provides long-term savings, and long-term satisfaction.
See how Med-I-Well designs customized programming, scalable to any workforce, that will help your employees achieve greatness in health and wellness.

Testimonial Video

“…all I had to do was plant the seeds of an idea and the team at Med-I-Well came back with just a fantastic fully engaged program where employees have the opportunity to talk to a health coach twice a week onsite… that team gets so engaged with what you want to achieve for your workforce that they will look for opportunities that maybe you didn’t even think of.”
– Jim Lundrigan, Manager of Operational Readiness