Safe return to Work

Our health and wellness programming can help your business excel through the global pandemic by providing support for your employees.

How we can help

Med-I-Well has a variety of services to help your employees safely return to work. The options below can be customized for your business, and we are happy to provide recommendations based on your circumstances.

Operating procedures

Hazard assessment

Return readiness

Employee education

Coaching services

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A lady holding a document binder full of operating procedures about how to return safely to work after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Operating procedures

Our master resource 'Leading Through Change' supports your Managers, Supervisors, and other workplace leaders

This guide covers how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 or other outbreaks. It also helps ensure compliance under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA) and associated regulations, along with public health directives issued by the Chief Medical Officer of Health. 

The guide focuses on: site operations, site screening programs, employee training, health and wellness, and facility signage.

Employees also need reassurance in times of change; the guide includes a framework which outlines how you can build confidence in your company's efforts and answer questions about the changes being implemented.

A man washing his hands as part of hazard preparedness training on-site at a workplace

Hazard assessment

Our on-site hazard assessment identifies hazards, assesses risks, and develops controls based on your specific workplace situations. Due to the pandemic, the focus is on virulent communicable disease protocols, infection prevention and industrial hygiene practices.

During the hazard assessment, we review all of your operations to identify and solve workplace hazards that put employees at risk. Our Med-I-Well Coaches conduct the on-site assessment then provide recommendations to protect employees from infection and keep your business healthy, safe, and productive.

A lady fed up with working from home, stressed at the possibility of returning to the workplace, in need of mental health coaching

Return readiness

COVID-19 has created challenges for employees and their families. Our Return to Work Readiness provides support for employees to safely return to the workplace. 

If any of your team members have been working remotely or have been off for health or personal reasons, this program can help reintegrate your workplace in a phased approach that eases this transition for everyone. 

Our Med-I-Well Coaches provide each employee with a self-assessment which determines their physical, mental, health and workplace readiness to return to work safely. We then analyse the data and provide a report to your management team with recommendations to help you establish the best plan of action, ensuring the health and safe return of your workforce.

Young employees taking education programs to help them return to the office in a way that is safe and productive for everyone

Employee education

It’s important that all employees understand what they need to do to ensure your team and our community stays safe and prevents the spread of infection. The Med-I-Well team can develop custom training plans that fit your workplace, with the goal of making sure your employees understand what’s necessary. 

Our training packages can be tailored to any audience, including leadership teams, cleaning staff, Joint Health and Safety Committee members, and employees within all tiers of the company structure.

Coaching services

Your team members’ lives have changed due to the pandemic. Some have childcare concerns, while others have elderly parents or high risk family members to worry about. Some are more fearful than others about contracting the virus. To respond to these evolving needs, it’s important to offer support and coaching for employees and their families to improve and maintain their mental and physical health and well-being.

For clients with employees working from home, we host virtual stretching and mobility classes, workout sessions with varying degrees of difficulty and live cooking classes. We also conduct one-on-one coaching through phone or video conferencing to help your employees with their individual needs. Our online ergonomic assessments can also help your team set up healthy and productive home office spaces.

For clients with employees back in the workplace, our Coaches have the necessary personal protective equipment and SOPs to provide on-site services such as group coaching, group-based initiatives and biometric screenings. Establishing an on-site physical presence helps employees build confidence in the workplace and provides an outlet for them to discuss concerns and needs during these changing times.

On-site/Virtual Health Coaching

Health Coaches can provide services such as:

  • 1-on-1 Health Coaching
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Stress Management Program
  • Diabetes Prevention Program
  • Weight Management Program
  • Life Coaching
  • Personalized Fitness Programs
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Medication Management
  • Group Wellness Challenges
  • Educational Workshops
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Stretching Sessions
  • Fitness Sessions
  • Healthy "Eating Out" Guides
  • Daily Wellness Calendars
  • On-Site Educational Prompts
  • Healthy Leadership Training
  • Lunchroom Assessments
  • Company Healthy Meal Guides
  • Healthy Workplace Branding

For more details, get in touch.

Kinesiology Services/Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomic assessments evaluate your employees’ work stations and behaviours. Follow-up coaching during on-site hours complements the assessment to ensure employees ergonomics improve.

Quit Smoking Program

Our evidence-based behavioural change approach provides a non-judgmental and personalized environment. Individuals are supported to give up smoking and take control of their health and overall well-being in a sustainable way.

Biometric Testing

Help your employees be more aware of their current health status and motivate them to make appropriate lifestyle improvements. Our assessments help employees better manage existing conditions, prevent the onset of new conditions, and sustain their improved behaviour.

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All of the above can be tailored to suit your particular needs and challenges. Reach out today for an obligation-free chat about what might work best for you as well as more information on pricing.

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