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The Med-I-Well Method

The method is simple. A team of specialized health professionals who collaborate with companies in an effort to develop a healthier more productive workforce. Med-I-Well provides customers with top-performing programs and services designed by industry experts. These are the most advanced in the wellness and medical industry. This is due to Med-I-Well's commitment to innovation and investment in the latest technologies and scientific research.
Never templated, never cookie cut - every program, workshop, coaching session and training opportunity is custom-fit to the specific workplace.  Touring site facilities, flying into remote properties, going underground, suiting up to enter industrial plants - our methods are founded in meeting and engaging with the employees to hear first hand how we can help. Constantly diving into the recent health and pharmaceutical research, you can trust that Med-I-Well methods are evidence-based and industry-tailored.
Our methods also believe that “what gets measured, gets managed”. We ensure that all programming we implement has tangible metrics that can be used to strive for continual improvement and growth within the services we provide. Whether your workplace is a dynamic team of 5 employees in a downtown office, or an industrial property with 500+ employees and contractors, the Med-I-Well Method is adaptable to your environment.
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Health Risk Assessment

With the design of the standard business day, or working on a 12-hour shift schedule - there isn't much time left in the day to spend getting physicians requisitions, blood work and waiting weeks for the results. This is where we come in. We offer a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) program that provides a real-time overview of an individual's current health status.  The HRA includes collecting the employee's biometrics, along with lifestyle questions that assess their current cardiovascular, diabetes and weight management health status. Through interactive software and wellness coaching, we can use this tool to help your employees improve their health, while decreasing short and long-term disability claims, injuries in the workplace, absenteeism, and benefit plan costs. With the summary of results from your employees, we will work with your company to provide recommendations customized to meet the unique needs, demands and setting of your workforce to improve sustainability, safety, productivity and overall health of your organization.
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The Health Risk Assessment program is designed to be convenient and time-efficient. Our approach will give employees an overview of their current health status in just 10 to 15 minutes, with plenty of time for the health coach to review key factors that are essential for an individual to achieve optimal health. We highly value your trust; therefore, confidentiality of results will always be a top priority.

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