Our Story

Back in the day of prescriptive medicine and reactive responses, the path of a pharmacist was fairly directed. Amidst this era, a young Lucio Fabris entered the world of pharmacy a passionate visionary that would soon pave a new trail in the world of pharmacy and healthcare. After working in community and hospital pharmacy, home care, retirement homes, and medical research, Lucio realized that there was a gap.
Desiring to help companies better manage their drug benefits program, in a way that would benefit the company, while maintaining a commitment to being client-centered, Lucio created what didn’t exist and founded Med-I-Well Services.  Lucio knew that with employees vested in their work, and the move towards 24/7 operations, workplaces would offer the captive audience that could benefit in the greatest capacity – and born was the drug plan optimization program.

But still Lucio knew there was something missing. Needing to strengthen the connection between medication and wellness, Lucio brought in co-owners Gregg Fabris and Kristina van Lankvelt, specialists in health economics and public health.  And with that, a new stand-alone, yet flawlessly complementary, tier of Med-I-Well was crafted – the workplace wellness program.
Med-I-Well now seamlessly ties medication and wellness together, tailoring proactive, person-centered programming to each unique workplace – with benefits extending to the company, the employee, the families and ultimately the communities in which our clients operate. Now finding our home in the heart of downtown Sudbury we are ready to show you how the Med-I-Well Method can help you optimize the health and well-being of your employees, and ensure the sustainability of your benefit program.

If what you want doesn't exist - create it.