How your Organization Could Benefit from a Lunch and Learn Session

June 1, 2023

Lunch and Learn sessions are an engaging and fun way to educate and encourage employee growth in an informal setting.

These education opportunities can be used for a variety of reasons, from training employees, to delivering important and sensitive information, and building employee and leadership skills.

Med-I-Well Services offers its clients Lunch and Learn sessions, in conjunction with its Workplace Wellness Program. After we conduct a Health Culture Survey and launch a health and wellness program, ongoing feedback and communication with the workforce help identify topics that resonate with the team and meet ongoing objectives.

Med-I-Well Services has partnered with local restaurant Verdicchio Ristorante to provide delicious and nutritious meals.

Mark Gregorini of Verdicchio Ristorante builds delicious protein bowls for a Lunch and Learn.

These meals have been designed by our Nutrition Specialists in collaboration with restauranteur, Mark Gregorini. We provide two formats for the Lunch and Learns:

-         A live cooking demonstration from Mark Gregorini while our Nutrition Specialists discuss healthy eating and keys to healthy cooking, or

-         Healthy meals prepared in advance and enjoyed by employees while our Health Coaches discuss various health topics relevant to the audience.

Mark Gregorini of Verdicchio Ristorante demonstrates how to cook seasonal vegetables.
Med-I-Well Services Registered Nurse Allyson Norton delivers a presentation on mental health while employees enjoy a nutritious meal catered by Verdicchio Ristorante.

These styles of Lunch and Learn sessions show employees first hand how to prepare healthy food for themselves and their families. They are also great opportunities to empower employees with education on a variety of health topics. Lunch and Learns also foster employee feedback and ongoing discussion while boosting morale and engagement.

Some topics we have covered in the past:

·        Mental Wellness

·        Food Prep 101

·        Cooking with Nutrient Dense Foods

·        Cardiovascular Health

·        Strengthening your Longevity

·        Chronic Disease Prevention

·        Medication Management

·        Optimizing Your Longevity

Benefits that companies can experience from holding a Lunch and Learn, include:

·        Helping with transparency and understanding

·        Encouraging growth and learning

·        Strengthening relationships

·        Building a stronger work culture

Interested in learning more about our Wellness Programming, including Lunch and Learn sessions? Contact us at

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